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Ice, sleet, snow, hail, blizzards — winter weather is quickly approaching, or in some areas, is already upon us. With Old Man Winter’s arrival, it’s time to exam preparations for dealing with his return. Here are a few tips to start the season off right!

Rougher weather means rougher travel. Choose durable items to protect freight. Try to use ‘eco’ friendly packaging to increase brand positivity. Remove batteries from electronics items when shipping them. There is nothing worse than receiving a holiday item that doesn’t work.

Increased shopping, increased deliveries, increased freight means an increase in workload. Be prepared for an increase in hiring needs. Match the tasks to the candidates. New hires will need to get up to speed quickly and be able to handle the added pressure. Time matters. Fill positions as quickly as possible to offset the increased holiday traffic needs.

As volume stacks up, lead time decreases. It’s likely you can keep your costs lower by allowing for as much lead time as possible when procuring transportation, but winter conditions are always difficult to predict. You will not always be able to tell when your providers will be able to get through. As winter weather impacts lead times, costs go up. The ability to quickly reorganize and reprioritize freight flows and customer requirements is crucial.

Whether friend or foe, the weather always plays a role in transportation. Sometimes, it allows for a smooth and flawless transit. Other times, the supply chain literally freezes. Don’t get left out in the cold. Take the time now to reevaluate your freight management needs and reach out to us at G&T Enterprises today.