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Load Transfers

If you work in shipping and logistics, you know that transporting freight usually means more than one shipping method. A supply chain can include air, sea, trucks, and rail freight shipping. When this happens, it’s called intermodal freight transport, and it involves transferring freight loads between rail cars, trucks, and more. Moving freight between those shipping methods can be an expensive and time consuming process, loaded with opportunities for breakage and delay. After all, the more handling, the more risk.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right load transfer services for your shipping company. At G&T, we’re experts at transferring virtually any type of freight using any method. We use the best and safest techniques to accomplish the load transfer safely and without excessive losses. If you need to transfer a freight load in the Chicago area, contact G&T today. We’ll keep your freight safe and get it quickly on its way to its destination.

Whether you need a load transferred in Chicago or the Midwest from railcar to railcar, railcar to truck, container to container or some other situation, G&T can help. We specialize in handling ALL types of freight transfers in Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Toledo.

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