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The transportation of goods is an integral part of the business sector of the United States. If you’re in charge of the shipping process for your company, you know how important efficiency is when transporting large quantities of cargo. But you may not have intricate knowledge of the shipping industry’s methods of transporting big shipments that require multimodal and intermodal shipping. You may not even be familiar with the differences between the two. An experienced transportation and transloading company can help keep your shipping process streamlined and cost-effective. G&T Enterprises, the Midwest’s premier transloader company, has 45 years of experience with the transfer and transportation of multimodal and intermodal shipping containers. So what is the difference, anyway? 

Multimodal transport, also known as combined transport, employs at least two types of goods transportation, such as trucking or railroad, executed through a single contract. For example, a single vendor fulfills the terms of the contract throughout the entire shipping process, start to finish. But unlike intermodal, multimodal goods are transferred from container to container when the mode of transportation changes, such as going from railcar to tractor trailer. 

In intermodal shipping, the goods stay inside the container, and the container itself is moved. From cargo ship to train, from train to truck, a single container is moved, and the goods remain intact. This lowers the amount of handling of the goods themselves, reducing risk of damage. This form of shipping is considered to be more safe, efficient, and preventative of loss or damage. Intermodal shipping involves several contracts between various carriers.

Whether you prefer intermodal or multimodal shipping, G&T Enterprises can help you ship your cargo efficiently and safely. Reach out to us for more information or assistance.