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With years of experience in the Chicago shipping industry, we understand at G&T Enterprises that shipping containers frequently transfer between trains and trucks. This method of cargo shipping, referred to as intermodal freight transport, is both budget and environmentally friendly. While transferring between different shipping methods cuts down on cargo handling and saves money, it requires special equipment and expertise. G&T has access to all of the Class 1 railroads intermodal transloading and transfer facilities in Chicago and across the country, meaning we can get your shipping container straight to its destination without delay or added costs.

By taking advantage of our logistics network, your shipping container can be easily transloaded between any methods of transport, meaning you are always using the most efficient method of transfer possible. Since shipping containers are transferred directly from truck to train and vice versa, nothing ever has to leave the container, significantly reducing breakage in transit.

If you have a shipping container with a shifted load, overweight cargo, or damaged equipment, we can provide a load adjustment, load transfer, and transloading for intermodal and shipping containers in Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Toledo, and the Midwest to keep your freight rolling. When you need to send a shipping container long distances, contact G&T Enterprises to discuss our intermodal transloading and transfer services.

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