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Maintaining the railroad track system is extremely important for obvious reasons: to avoid potential derailment of trains. One important service necessary in the maintenance of the track system is track cleaning. Over time, grime, dirt, and other environmental debris can build up, causing a hazardous situation.

One important part of the rail track system is the ballast, or the rock bedding that surrounds the rails and the sleepers (or ties). The function of the ballast is to stabilize the rails and ties and keep them in place, help evenly distribute weight throughout the ties, and carry water away from the tracks. The importance of keeping water away from the rails and ties is that, if left in standing water over a long period of time, the rails can rust and the ties can rot. Rust and rot create a deteriorated rail structure, which jeopardizes the safety of passing trains.

When the ballast is allowed to collect dirt and debris for an extended period of time, it isn’t able to function properly. So it’s important to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. Ballast cleaning services can be performed using a machine, without the necessity of removing the rails and sleepers. This service is more cost-effective than total excavation.

G&T Enterprises, the Midwest’s premier transloader, has the equipment and experience to provide professional rail track cleaning services in the Chicago area and the Midwest. Whether you need removal of dry products from between the rails or assistance with general railroad cleaning in the rail yard, G&T Enterprises has you covered. To learn more about G&T Enterprises’ track cleaning services, contact us today.