The Midwest’s Premiere Transloader


Intermodal shipping, the transport of shipping containers and truck trailers through a system of trains, trucks, and ships, has a huge impact on the U.S. economy. A large percentage of our country’s goods and services rely on intermodal shipping. Freight rail is the heart of our country’s intermodal network, and the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transporting goods. Trains are implemented for the long-distance transport of domestic intermodal cargo, and trucks are used for pickup and delivery. 

When transporting large shipping containers, it’s inevitable that things aren’t always going to go smoothly. Mishaps occur, and that’s when you need professionals who can help with handling overweight cargo, adjusting shifted loads, or repairing damaged equipment. Shipments involve several transfers; for example, a truck transports a container to a ship, the ship takes it to a port, and then it is transferred to another truck or a train car. During these transfers, accidents or shifting is more likely to occur. G&T Enterprises, the Midwest’s premier transloader, has 45 years of experience assisting with intermodal load transfers of all kinds. We have the expertise and the equipment to handle load adjustment, transloading, and load transferring of intermodal shipments.

We have access to key transfer facilities and intermodal transloading facilities in Chicago and across the U.S., so there’s no delay or additional costs when we transport your shipping container to its destination. We have an efficient logistics network, allowing containers to be easily transloaded between trucks, trains, and cargo ships. For your long-distance cargo shipping needs, or to learn more about our transloading and transfer services, contact G&T Enterprises.