The Midwest’s Premiere Transloader


Throughout the Midwest and here in Chicago, derailment assistance is G&T Enterprises’ most important line of work. In 2018, 11,407 railway incidents were reported with 1327 derailments reported. These derailments are rarely handled by local emergency response teams well as they rarely plan or train for them consistently. However, throughout the Midwest right to the heart of Chicago, derailment assistance is a key service that goes underrated.

The simple fact is that emergency responders need partners in derailment assistance. They are not equipped to handle the clean up or proper response to a potentially deadly derailment. Proper response requires heavy equipment designed to relocate the millions of tons that a derailed train and its cargo can represent. In addition, passenger train accidents and freight loads with hazardous materials require rapid response for effective lifesaving and environmental damage prevention— an area that a pre-existing partnership guarantees.  

Additionally, the private ownership of U.S. rail lines means that emergency response teams lack vital knowledge in not just how to handle a train derailment, but how to locate it and get there. Imagine an emergency responder trying to describe a derailment without having a cross street or a good idea of what county they are in. This can be difficult even just a few miles outside a large rail hub like Chicago. Derailment assistance during a railway emergency requires intimate knowledge of rail lines and how to access them. An experienced derailment assistance partner is a vital requirement for proper emergency response. It helps to get trade running smoothly again, save precious lives, and prevent ecological damage.

We can respond to any railway accident in the East North Central Midwest. Whether you are in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St Louis, Toledo, or Chicago, derailment assistance during railway emergency responses is G&T Enterprises’ specialty. We have over 40 years of experience, with hundreds of derailments righted. Call 708-333-2090 to discuss our derailment assistance services.