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James and Amos Densmore constructed the very first functional tank car in 1865. There were two wooden tanks placed on a flat railway car, and they carried barrels of oil from oilfields to refineries. Since the invention of the tank car, they are now made of steel to improve their functionality. These “workhorses” of the economy are used to bring food to markets, carry crude oils, and transport various materials to their final destinations.

There are generally two types of tank cars used to carry materials from point A to point B. G&T Enterprises in the Chicago area is experienced in handling both general purpose and pressure tank cars and transfers for both types. While train accidents are not necessarily common, they do happen. When these types of tank car accidents occur, the team of G&T in Chicago is ready to help get you back on the tracks with our transfer experience and services. The advancement of tank cars and their safety features has made the chance of product loss a lot less likely, and the result of accidents are typically less severe.

If you, or your business, need tank car assistance or tank car transfers, contact the professionals of G&T Enterprises, serving Chicago and major cities throughout the Midwest. With our extensive experience in the industry, we are confident in our abilities to provide you with superior service, no matter the issue.