The Midwest’s Premiere Transloader


When dealing with large shipments of goods or products, the less you are handling the cargo, the better. However, when you are sending products overseas, it can pay to transload. More handling of a product can add risk, but transloading can actually save you money when you are shipping internationally. There are two situations when it makes sense to consider transloading:

  1. Shipping multiple containers through low truck weight areas:  When you put more weight into your containers, the less you need on the ship, and the less you will pay for the crossing. The only limits on the weight you can have in the ocean container is what it states on that container door. And when that container reaches land, the weight is set individually by the states you will be having that container go through. So, for example if you need cargo sent from Utah to California in one trip, you’ll need to stay within the legal weight limits. That may mean 6-7 flatbed trucks. With transloading, you can have a provider move your products into fewer containers cutting the cost of the crossing by even just one container and can even give you more overall savings on transportation.
  2. Facility cannot load or unload a container: If you are sending your products or goods to someone that doesn’t have a loading dock or access to one, a container can cause problems. By transloading that cargo onto a trailer or truck, then your customer can use something like a forklift to unload that cargo. On the other end, if you don’t want to load cargo into a container, you can send shipments on a truck or trailer to a storage facility or warehouse. There you can have a provider transload your products or goods into an ocean container.

When selecting your transloading provider, you will want a company with both experience and expertise, vast product knowledge, and they should be carrying enough insurance to cover the value of your unique goods and products. With G&T Enterprises, you can have peace of mind that your cargo is in good hands!