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As the daily temperature continues to lower, it is undeniable that winter is around the corner. Cold weather and snow pose a significant challenge in transportation of goods in the supply chain, especially as the supply demand grows around the month of December. Rail systems are a highly efficient mode of transportation in the supply chain and there are many things that should be done prior to the onset of winter to ensure that there are no preventable problems that happen due to the cold weather and the snow.

Inspections of the grounds should be conducted early on. Making sure that the structures near the tracks are free of any gutter or drain blockage is key. It is important to also check that the rails are properly draining and any measures to prevent the buildup of ice and debris are taken. Along with checking drainage systems on and around the track, it is important to check the snow removal equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly and that there is enough on hand to properly remove the snow. The last thing that needs to be determined prior to the first snow fall is a designated area for the snow piles that are at least 12 feet away from the tracks.

Throughout winter there are many things that need to be maintained and inspections for the tracks and areas around the tracks should continue throughout the winter season. However, the pre-season preparation is essential to a smooth transition into winter. If you are looking for a transloading company in the area of Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and the rest of the Midwest, G&T Enterprises understands the importance of preparing for winter and not having any preventable delays in your supply chain. Contact us today for more information!