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Properly securing your cargo loads is not only important for the security of the product, but also for the safety of the public. If a piece of cargo falls off during transportation, the product can become damaged or potentially hurt or kill someone.

There are federal regulations in place about how to properly tie down cargo loads and to ensure that they are properly blocked, braced, or tied down. It is essential that the load will stay in place as the vehicle makes sudden stops and turns.

When securing your cargo load it is important to understand the different methods available, from chains to web straps. Each different material has its own purpose, benefits, and weight rankings. When choosing the tie down material and amount of tie downs you are going to use, keep in mind that the combined weight rankings of all the straps or chains must equal at least one-half of the total weight of the load. For denser cargo, there are even more regulations that must be followed.

When you are transporting your cargo load by rail it especially important that it is properly tied down. It can be a lot of added stress to guarantee that the tie down is properly done and can take a lot of time out of the day, costing you more money in wages. That is why it is recommended to make sure the transloader company that you hire also offers tie down services. This helps take the stress out of the process and guarantees that the proper regulations are followed. If you are in the Chicago area, G&T Enterprises can ensure that your cargo load arrives to its destination safely.