The Midwest’s Premiere Transloader


Tank cars are one of the simplest ways to ship bulk liquid and vapor products across the country. From petroleum and coal products to corn syrup and soybean oil, tank cars have been moving all sorts of commodities by rail for more than 100 years.

The two most common types of tank cars are pressurized and general purpose. These tank cars provide a safe and easy way to ship a wide variety of products around the country. Load transfers between tank cars require pumping services rather than the equipment traditionally associated with railcar transfer. G&T can handle your pressurized or unpressurized Chicago tank car transfer through our safe and efficient pump process.

In the rare emergency such as derailment, saving the product in a tank car can be difficult. With the right expertise and equipment, it is still often possible to transfer tank car product even after a derailment. Using high-quality product transfer pumps, G&T Enterprises in Chicago is ready to handle your tank car transfer with safety and efficiency.

Whether in an emergency or simply a standard transfer, product often needs to be moved from tank car to tank car. When this type of transfer is necessary, call G&T Enterprises in Chicago. Tank car transfer services through product transfer pumps are our specialty.