The Midwest’s Premiere Transloader


Here in Chicago, intermodal shipping is one of G&T Enterprises’ highest sources of work in righting shifted loads, damaged equipment, or handling overweight cargo. When the unfortunate occurs, we are there to right it. Throughout our work, we’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge about intermodal shipping and know that not all of our clientele are as experienced as we are. That’s why today’s blog is a primer in intermodal shipping, one of the backbones of the United States economy.

Intermodal shipping is simply moving cargo — usually in containers — using more than one type of transportation. This type of shipping is most common in long range, transcontinental, or overseas shipping. It is a one of the most cost effective methods of transportation. Rail in particular offers the most efficient fuel/TEU ratio.

A typical shipment might involve a truck taking goods to a cargo ship, which takes the cargo to a port where it is unloaded onto either a truck or rail system. Throughout the process, the cargo itself is never changed and only passed along. In the Midwest and Chicago, intermodal shipping with G&T Enterprises means that as your cargo comes through Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Toledo, or any other rail yard around, we can provide load adjustment, load transferring, and transloading.

As different companies perform transloading, the process tends to differ. The location of the company, the location of the shipping destination, the time restrictions on the goods, and the material being shipped all varies and changes how the company can perform.

Here at G&T Enterprises, we have experience with near any type of cargo and our centralized location gives us rapid access to any transloading and transportation in Chicago or anywhere in the heartland of America. We link the Great Lakes to Canada, the East Coast, and the West at the thriving crossroads of the strongest economy in the world.Contact us to learn more about our transloading and transportation services.