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In today’s technological world, customers have a world of stores available online to order anything from rare products to everyday basics like groceries. In order to keep up with consumer’s digital demands and increased online ordering, companies have to keep up with shipping trends. Having a solid shipping program for your Chicago-area business is key to both customer satisfaction and retention.

Shipping is a huge factor that customers consider when making purchases, but why?

In many cases, the last experience a customer has with a given brand or company can define their experience as a whole. Whether you are working directly with consumers or shipping to larger retail chains, creating a positive experience and working relationship is often defined by the success or failure of shipping.

Two main factors that can make or break a shipping relationship include shipping times and accuracy of delivery. When it comes to ordering products, consumers want to know that their goods will be delivered in a reasonable amount of time, and with care. The longer the estimated shipping time on a product can dramatically impact whether a customer decides to have the order fulfilled. Customers who have had packages arrived damaged or shipping is delayed due to transportation issues, will likely choose to work with a different company in the future.

To ensure that your shipments reach customers in a timely manner, and in good condition, it is imperative to partner with a transloading and shipping partner, equipped to handle your company’s needs. To learn more about our services in the Midwest, contact us at G&T Enterprises today.