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Running a prosperous company is contingent on many factors. One of the most important being the transportation of goods, materials, and products. Streamlined shipping processes increase supply chain efficiency, while building positive relationships with consumers. Many business operators lack the knowledge of shipping methods, so it is helpful to work with an experienced Chicago area transportation and transload company. At G&T Enterprises, we want you to understand the different types of shipping options including multimodal and intermodal shipping.

What are the differences between multimodal and intermodal shipping?

Multimodal: Multimodal transport is also commonly referred to as combined transport. This form of goods transportation is performed under a single contract, but utilizes at least two different kinds of transport, such as rail and road. Generally a single vendor is responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract-from origin to destination. With multimodal shipping, goods are moved between different containers when the new form of transportation is used to carry out the shipping process.

Intermodal: Alternately, intermodal shipping involves the transportation of goods in a single intermodal container or vehicle, while using several types of transportation such as roads, rails, and sea. Unlike multimodal shipping, the freight is never handled directly when changing the mode of transportation. Since the cargo is not being handled during the shipping process, this form of shipping is generally safer and prevents damage and loss. With intermodal shipping, there are several contracts, one with each carrier. 

Not sure which kind of transportation is right for your business? Are you interested in working with an experienced intermodal company in the Chicago area? Reach out to us at G&T Enterprises to learn more about our services. We want to help your business increase shipping efficiency.